Information for Parents


Although several camps accept registration the day the camp begins, it is recommended that you register at least 1 week prior to the camp start date.  

Registration is on a first-paid, first-enrolled basis.  Attendance is not allowed until the waivers are completed and the registration fee is paid.  

REFUNDS will not be granted unless the Continuing Education office is notified by 4:45 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to each week’s initial class meeting.  




Waivers & Emergency Information (online form)

Each child will need to have a completed Participant Information form and Waiver of Liability before they are able to attend camp.

If your child is attending a variety of summer camps provided by Continuing Education (Kids' University, Athletics Camps, etc.) only one completed waiver and emergency form per child is required each summer.

There is no need to print and submit any portion of this form to our office, as it is all completed online. This form is valid for all summer camps advertised on this website through the end of the calendar year.  



  1. Complete the Emergency Information Form and waivers. (The online link will be provided once it is made available)
  2. Check your camp's website for a list of what-to-bring, sample schedule, pick-up/drop-off times and up-to-date information.
  3. Come to camp and have fun! Be sure to sign your camper in with the instructor.  
  4. During camp, check your e-mail, the website, and Facebook for special announcements. 



  • · Requests for transfers, refunds, or changes must be received by 4:45 p.m. the Wednesday prior to each week’s initial camp start date. 

    · Any class not meeting the minimum enrollment by the Wednesday before it begins will be cancelled. You will be contacted Thursday by e-mail and/or phone. A full refund will be issued or credited towards another week.

    · To maintain a safe and cooperative setting, GC Summer Camps have specific policies and limitations for our facilities, staff, and children behavior. If it becomes necessary to resolve or correct any dangerous or disruptive behavior. GC Summer Camp counselors will follow these guidelines:

    • Communication: Counselors and the child will discuss the problem occurring and together identify what solutions are available.
    • Time Out: Removal from a specific activity for a short period of time followed by a counselor/child conference.
    • Contacting Guardian: If the problem continues after attempted solutions, the parent/guardian will be contacted. Discussion as to further actions will occur.
    • Dismissal from the Program: The camper will be dismissed from the program and a parent/guardian will need to pick him/her up if the behavior continues to be dangerous or disruptive to the camper or the other campers. No refund will be provided if a camper must be dismissed. Please note that if there is a severe disruption (which is determined by the Director), the child will be dismissed immediately without a refund.
  • Do not drop off or pick up your child without notifying the child’s teacher.
  • All individuals picking up their child must be on the approved pick-up list.



Children with any of the following symptoms should not attend the program. If your child develops any of these symptoms the staff will contact a parent or authorized adult to pick up the child. 

  • A temperature above 100 degrees.  Temperature must be normal (98.6F) for 24 hours be fore returning to camp.
  • Fever, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Exposure to communicable diseases such as severe sore throat, pink eye, ringworm, etc.
  • If your child needs to take any medications during camp hours, please contact the program administrator.  
  • If your child needs Epi-pens, inhalers, or other specified emergency medicines we need to have a supply to keep at camp for the duration of the camp.  Bringing these items back and forth each day could result in forgetting such an important item.  Written instructions and a plan for the use of the treatment must be on file upon beginning camp. Contact your program administrator to discuss your child's need for medication.  
  • Please notify us of any food allergies so that we may prepare daily snacks accordingly and prevent exposure when we have large groups eating together for lunch.
  • If your child receives any individual assistance at school, has a behavior chart or plan, or has any mental or physical limitations, it is very helpful for us to know and plan ahead for this to make the experience the best it can be. The information will only be shared as necessary with staff that are working directly with your child.  It is also helpful if parents will share successful techniques that have worked in similar settings in the past.  Parents may be asked to attend a planning meeting with staff to prepare for and follow up on issues.